Elevate Your Spirit - A Guided Meditation with Bill (On Zoom)

By Psychic Medium Bill Philipps (other events)

Saturday, May 2 2020 12:00 PM 1:00 PM

Join Bill for this 60 minute guided meditation from the comfort of your own home, wherever that may be! Zoom is an online meeting platform. You don't need to have an account with Zoom, just a working computer/smart phone/tablet with internet and a built-in camera and speakers.

What to Expect: Bill will start out by sharing some of his daily spiritual practices to help you keep your energy light and uplifted. His calming voice has a way of putting people at ease. Although this will be a live interactive experience it will mainly focus on the meditation that Bill will be delivering. He will channel his guides in order to bring to you a powerful and immersive experience from beyond. Through a series of guided imagery, you will clear your chakras, open yourself up to the limitless power of the Universe, and ground yourself in the present moment. Through brief moments of silence, you will have the opportunity to self-journey. By practicing meditation, we can redirect our thoughts and attain a higher understanding of self. A collective meditation can be a powerful experience, one that contributes to the energetic uplifting of the world at large. The purpose here is to empower you through the joy of meditation as we strip away the layers of the physical and connect to a higher spiritual realm.

Zoom Instructions: We will email you the link to join the Zoom meditation within 24 hours of your ticket purchase. Please be aware that this meditation is scheduled for Saturday May 2, 2020 at 12:00 PM PST so if you are in a different time zone you will need to calculate your time zone difference, as Bill will be in California for this reading. Please be prompt at joining the meditation. We highly recommend that you click on the Zoom link no later than 15 minutes early to ensure you are able to connect with ease and that you can be checked in. Once the meditation has started entry into the Zoom meeting will be closed.

See what people have said about Bill's previous online meditations in testimonials below.

After the sudden and tragic loss of my husband, I have been in deep grief and turmoil. Through the help of Bill Philipps, through his readings and more recently a collective meditation lead by Bill on Zoom, I have started to see a new path emerging. The energy, honesty and vibration of not only Bill but the other participants, allowed me to connect on a much deeper level to a world I never thought possible. The ability to connect with like minded or “sensitive” individuals both on earth and beyond is a priceless gift. Thank you Bill! 

Immense gratitude to Bill Philipps for his wondrous April 4 Zoom meditation. During this time of uncertainty and fear in the world, Bill’s meditation left me feeling profoundly peaceful, safe and protected. Blissfully that feeling remains today...what a precious gift!

WOW!  Bill took us on a divine journey right into the light!  I could not believe how every cell in my body felt energized and lit up afterwards, and the buzz of bliss lasted well over a day!   What a valuable, priceless gift to have during these challenging times.- I have returned to this meditation several times since and have the same peaceful, light-filled experience. It’s truly gold!   

I participated in Bill's one hour online group meditation in early April. Bill's genuine concern for mother nature and the well being of others is shown through his meditations and his gift of healing. Bill is a bright light with an amazing gift.

For any questions about this event please reach out to [email protected]


Must be 18 or older to purchase a ticket

Psychic Medium Bill Philipps